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The survival of your home village is at stake! It's time to get rolling! Embark on an adventure to save your village and recover an alien artifact. Use your wits and roll your way through a maze of challenges. Compete with your friends and become the hero! Are you up for the challenge?

Create your own levels and share them with all the other players ! Are you creative enough to create a difficult and challenging level?

Come and test your skills !

Best game ever!



Awesome challanges ! Best advanture.

  • 40 Carefully designed levels
  • 2 Minigames
  • Wheel of fortune


You can socialize with your friends trough ChubbyRoll.

  • Compete with your friends
  • Share your levels with your friends
  • Play levels that are made by your friends

Level Editor

You can make your own levels and share them with the whole world!

  • Create your own levels
  • Publish your levels
  • Get rated by other users

Community Levels

Play trough ever growing number of levels made by other players!

  • Levels made by players all around the world
  • Rate levels
  • Play a random level


Once upon a time, there was the ChubbyVille, full of little round chubby creatures. It was a peaceful and happy time. However, the clumsy one was disturbing the peace by, well, being clumsy. One day the villagers had enough and chased the clumsy one into his house with torches and stones. As they were about to burn his house down, they heard the sound of something approaching, something big, falling from the sky! Out of nowhere the whole house went boom!, when things cleared up, all villagers could see was the strange alien device. A second later a muffin popped out of the machine. Villagers were happy, they forgot about the clumsy one and took the muffin machine and fled away.

Whole town was happy again with the muffin machine. They were eating muffins all day and getting chubbier than ever! However, one night some alien creature showed up and took the muffin machine away. Next morning when villagers of ChubbyVille woke up to find this out, they all were afraid. The elder one stood up, gathered the villagers together and she explained everyone how the prophecy foretold about the alien machine falling from the sky. Villagers were afraid when they heard the prophecy required a chosen one to get the muffin machine back. ChubbyVille needed a hero! But all villagers were afraid and the clumsy one was minding his own business, eating a muffin. He was afraid when he found out that he had to be the chosen one.

Onto the adventure he went, brave yet afraid. Getting the muffin machine back couldn't be easy without any aid.


ChubbyRoll Screenshot - Ingame 1
ChubbyRoll Screenshot - Level Selection
ChubbyRoll Screenshot - Main menu
ChubbyRoll Screenshot - Ingame 2
ChubbyRoll Screenshot - Ingame 3
ChubbyRoll Screenshot - Wheel of fortune
ChubbyRoll Screenshot - Mini game
ChubbyRoll Screenshot - Win screen
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